Trailer Services: Brake Controller and Plug Installation

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If you’ve been pulling loads for a while, you know how critical the electrical connections are, since they transfer the only communication between you and the trailer. For the safety of others and yourself, the plugs and brake controllers must be fully functional at all times. We understand that installing the electrical connections is not in the wheelhouse for many people, or that others may not feel comfortable handling something so critical. When it comes to safety, there’s no shame here. So two of the most important trailer services we offer at Affordable Trailers are installations of brake controllers and plugs. We have the experience and knowledge to keep your rig safe, functional, and easy to use. 

There are two main kinds of braking systems available which need controllers: time delayed and proportional

Time Delayed braking systems work in a fairly uniformed fashion. You trigger the brakes and the electrical braking system slows down the trailer in a fixed amount of time at a fixed pace. This is adequate for many small trailers, but for larger trailers proportional systems are preferred.

Proportional braking systems sense (using an accelerometer) the momentum of the trailer and apply stopping force as needed, such as adding increasing force when going downhill and decreasing pressure when going uphill. It will try to match the deceleration rate of the tow vehicle which keeps the two safely in sync. 

We can install any system that suits your needs. As far as plugs, we install everything from a 4-way flat connector to a 7-way RV blade connector. Here is a guide for determining what type of plug you need

When you just need tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights, the four-pin connector is adequate. It will do those three jobs and have a fourth wire, the ground. 

When you want to add a reverse light or electric brakes, you’ll need a five-pin connector

Six-pin connectors have a 12-volt hot lead wire in them. The 12-volts are great for pulling RVs. 

There are also 7-pin connectors which allow for the three basic wires, the ground, the 12-volt source, and then two other capabilities, like electric brakes and reverse lights. 

At Affordable Trailers, we’ve seen it all, installed or fixed it all, and we want to help you be safe and have a great experience with your trailer. Our trailer services include sales, builds, and repairs for most trailers. Contact us and we’ll show you how much we love helping our customers! 

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