Of Brawny Trailer Types: Behold, the Dump Trailer

Black TopHat Gooseneck Dump Trailer

In a world with many trailer manufacturers, trailer dealers, and trailer types, Affordable Trailers wants you to know first that we provide only high quality equipment in many trailer types from the best companies. We are proud to offer various models from Spartan, Loadrite, Freedom, and Tophat. And we currently carry (click links to see our inventory):

One of the many things we love about providing trailers is helping people find a product they actually need. While we do enjoy satisfying customer wants in our various trailer types, for sure, we also find great joy in matching hard-working people with the perfect trailer for their purpose.

One of the trailer types we provide is dump trailers (click here to see our previous blog on dump trailers). Some products simply sell themselves. When you’re staring at a load of mulch that needs to be shoveled out of a truck bed, immediately normal people think, “Wow. If only I could tilt this up and dump the mulch out. Hmm. What can be done in such a time as this?” There are some weirdos that love unnecessary work, but we’re in the business of supplying people with the tools they need to be efficient and effective. 

When we say that dump trailers will help you be efficient and effective, we’re talking about how the dumping feature saves your time and money, and makes it possible to get more work done and by fewer people. 


Paying $100,000 for a dump truck is an option. Of course you’ll still have to have another truck for everything else, and the trailer can’t be detached, and they usually rest higher off of the ground which is inconvenient. But, we admit telling people you own a dump truck is such a huge blow to your enemies that they’ll likely never recover. 

For job sites or home projects, renting a dumpster can be an option for construction waste or debris. But, only if you don’t mind damaging the yard or driveway, and you don’t want to move it, and that’s the only time you need to unload large quantities of materials. 

Instead of the dump truck or dumpster, mightn’t we offer the dump trailer option? 


Dump trailers are great for:

  • Saving money on hauling and deliveries
  • Moving furniture or a household in relocation
  • Hauling labor intensive materials like mulch, firewood, dirt, rocks, etc.
  • Transporting machinery like skid loaders, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, etc.
  • Allowing you to buy items for which shipping is not feasible due to size, shape, or seller’s preference 
  • Disposing of debris and trash without damaging your property
  • Providing the option to do these services for money
  • Delivering equipment, parts, and tools
  • Maximizing your time or your crew’s efficiency and productivity
  • Lowering your risk of injury

As with every piece of equipment, the financial sense is determined by how often you use it. In this case, we think you’ll use it more than you realize. It has all the benefits of many non-dumping trailer types, but adds the labor and money saving optimization. 

Of all the many trailer types Affordable Trailers offers, the dump trailer stands out for its versatility, creating more options for what to haul, and how to load and unload it. With dump trailers make awkward jobs more manageable and less painful; and maximize cost savings, productivity, and safety. Contact us when you’re ready and we’ll fix you up!

Note: Having a dump trailer may entice your spouse to buy even more garage sale items, such as, but not limited to: a broken fan, particle board end table, set of mismatched bean bag chairs, half-full freezer, water-damaged portrait of someone else’s family, and an ashtray even though no one in your house smokes. However, a dump trailer will allow you to take it all to the landfill a year later and unload quickly and safely. 

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