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Boat Trailer By The Beach

Living in coastal South Carolina means that I'm surrounded by water almost all of the time. So it makes sense that I've grown to love pretty much any aquatic activity - especially boating and fishing. This past year, after I finished paying off my student loans, I decided to reward myself with something that I've always dreamed of - a boat.

But of course, when you buy a boat, you can't just drive it everywhere. I mean, unless you live on the water. However, that's not the case for me. As much as I wish I could live my life like a free spirit traveling up and down the Intracoastal Waterway, my living situation is much more common than that. I live in - drum roll please - a house. Don't take that as a complaint, though. Living in a house is mighty fine. But when I purchased my boat I quickly realized that I needed to buy a trailer to transport my vessel from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

So I started to do some research. Affordable Trailers was the clear choice in the area, as they offer a variety of types of trailers to choose from, including boat trailers. The knowledgable folks at Affordable Trailers gave me the scoop on everything I needed to know about the different types of boat trailers they offer, and ultimately we decided that the 2020 5 Starr Aluminum Tandem Bunk from Load Rite Trailers (model 5S-AC26T8400102LTB2) was the best aluminum boat trailer for my needs.

For one, this aluminum boat trailer has a sharp appearance due to dedicated gutters that help hide unsightly wiring and brake lines. There are also integrated fastener channels for axle and fender mounting so that you see much less of the aesthetically unappealing U-bolts.

The best part about this trailer, though, in my opinion, is that it is an aluminum boat trailer, which means that it's much lighter than a steel trailer. Doesn't really sound like that's a big deal but the I-beam frame design and the lightweight aluminum allows you to haul a bigger load with ease. And, aluminum has natural corrosion resistance, which is great since I spend a lot of my time near the salt water with my boat.

The aluminum boat manufacturers at Load Rite Trailers had boaters in mind when they built this tandem axle aluminum trailer. The bunk system is very user-friendly and sets up my boat easily. Since purchasing the 2020 5 Starr Aluminum Tandem Bunk from Load Rite Trailers, it's been easy for me to get up and go and enjoy my weekends out on the water.

If you're looking for a boat trailer for sale, be sure to contact the friendly pros over at Affordable Trailers!

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