From Moving Mulch to Musky Mattresses to Mugs of Molasses, Check Out a Utility Trailer

A pic of the TOPHAT 16X83-MP utility trailer

A utility trailer is defined as a flatbed trailer for light loads. That’s pretty vague. They come in many configurations and meet many needs. Some have sides for hauling loose loads like small gravel, and there’s even a utility trailer just for hauling specific light vehicles like motorcycles. There are side gates and ramps and some have tilting capability. And the light load part? Tell that to the guy shoveling rock one scoop at a time. Actually don’t. He’s strong, angry, and armed. 

Here is a partial list of the hauling uses for a utility trailer:

  • Small Vehicles, such as ATVs, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers, Bikes, etc.
  • Equipment, such as tools, devices, small implements, etc.
  • Household Items from moving, shopping, or general transport
  • Materials, from wood boards to rock, mulch, dirt, sand, firewood, etc.
  • Miscellaneous items, such as boxes, plants, Velvet Elvis paintings, those bird baths in random Renaissance style, old refrigerators to give to your buddy to shoot with a shotgun, Cotton Candy machines, boxes of leftover garlic butter sauce from the pizza place, the regret of having that mullet in high school, and others

A utility trailer has several advantages over enclosed trailers. They are typically lighter and can haul more since they aren’t limited in height. A tilting feature available in certain models is also a significant advantage. Some enclosed trailers have tilting capability, but it’s less common and less practical. 

For many people, a light, versatile, less expensive trailer like a utility trailer is perfect. If you find that you need weather protection, we have enclosed trailers; if you need to haul heavier contents, we have you covered there as well, and in many other applications for that matter. See our inventory here

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