Flat Nose vs V-Nose Trailers

The 2021 model of Freedom trailer 7X16TA

First of all, we want to apologize for those of you searching for an article on flat noses. Perhaps you find yourself with an extremely and undesirably flat nose and you were hoping for a remedy.  Rhinoplasty is what you’re looking for by the way. But no, this is about flat nose and v-nose trailers, which, to us, is way more attractive than any snout, no matter how large. Although we are curious now. 

Trailer shapes is a whole other blog post for a later date, but in the great debate of front end structures of enclosed trailers, we will dare to take a stab at it. We ask that as we approach such a delicate topic you would be respectful in your emails.

V-nose trailers are just what you imagine. The front end is a triangle-shaped snout designed to reduce wind resistance. The thought is that being more aerodynamic will reduce fuel consumption. There is also the belief that the wedged feature will aid in the fight against sway while going down the road, though some say the opposite. 

Flat nose trailers are also what they seem. The front end is flat, creating a rectangle-shaped trailer. The major advantages of this structure are ease of stacking and securing in the front and reduced weight on the tongue. But let’s look at some specifics.

V-Nose Trailer Advantages

  • Storage up front: The triangle-shaped front creates additional space for storage, since the space is added onto the length of the trailer. These spaces are great for toilets, sinks, or cabinets, plus storing awkward items like hand tools or batteries.

  • Gas Mileage: Though debatable, many owners of v-nose trailers claim to get greater fuel efficiency. Due to less drag, it’s intuitive that fuel consumption would be reduced. Many drivers suggest there is no difference in efficiency between trailer front types, but almost no flat nose owners claim superiority in this department.

  • Turning radius and tailgate opening: Due to the corners of the flat nose trailer being back farther, it can make turning tight corners tougher, as well as making it more difficult to have the tailgate of a truck in the down position.

Flat Nose Trailer Advantages

  • Front stowing security: Because the triangle space in the front of v-nose trailers is open, fastening cargo to the front can be more difficult. Strapping and stacking become a problem. This isn’t the case with flat nosed floor plans.

  • Stability: Though this is debatable as well, many v-nose owners complain about crosswind increasing sway. This may be counter-intuitive since it seems as if the triangle would slice through the wind better. The answer may be in the angle of the wind and also speed. The resistance of an object goes up sharply as speed increases. 

  • Reduced tongue weight: Since the additional storage space of v-nose trailers is over the tongue, this can tip the weight balance into undesirable territory. Experts recommend the tongue load be no more than 15 percent of the total. Considering that kitchens, batteries, and tools are heavy and also in the trailer when even when the total load is light, it can be problematic.  

A note on gas mileage: 

Trailer owners are often skeptical about the claim that v-nose trailers have fuel consumption advantages. There are significant reasons to doubt the claim. Other factors than shape are far more determinants to efficiency. The windbreak on the tow vehicle, turbulence-causing objects like ladders and air conditioners, speed, weight, height, and low pressure drag in the back together dwarf the effects of the trailer shape. That said, a number of drivers who have pulled both trailer types have noticed as much as 1.5 mpg difference. 

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