Econoline’s New 7 Ton Partial-Tilt Landscape Trailer For Sale at Affordable Trailers!

Econoline’s 7 Ton Landscape Partial Tilt Trailer

At Affordable Trailers we feel like we’re the pretty girl pulling the tarp off of a concept vehicle at an auto show when we talk about the new Econoline 7 Ton, 21 ft, black, sleek, partial-tilt landscape trailer for sale. It has 16,100# GVWR and...well here are the specs:

One of the downsides to the new trailer, in full disclosure, is that it causes major trailer envy. People will see you pulling this rig down the road (with you not meaning to show off) and they will think about their old trailer at home, which is probably a full ton short of the 7 Ton trailer before them. You may very well be causing them to stumble into covetousness. You won’t mean to cause any trouble. The other drivers should be able to control themselves, you’ll say. But, alas, you can’t hide it under a rock, and ultimately, isn’t it better to be on the good side of coveting? 

We can’t do much about 7 Ton trailer envy. It’s a cross we have to bear on a daily basis. All we can do is be ourselves. So, you really should come in and take a look at our sleek, new, shiny, tough, hefty, practical, partial tilt landscape trailer for sale. You’ll see that the image above is not airbrushed. And we hate to say it, and you won’t believe it, but this trailer is surprisingly low-maintenance. It really is too good to be true, but yet it is. 

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