An Argument for Boat Trailers

A LoadRite boat trailer in a parking lot

At Affordable Trailers, we know our bias: we love the freedom, safety, and utility a good trailer can bring. That’s why we offer many types and sizes for a variety of applications - Enclosed Trailers, Dump Trailers, Utility Trailers, Equipment Trailers, Open Car Haulers, and others. Well, our love of Boat Trailers is no different. There are loads of benefits to owning boat trailers, and for most people and situations, it’s the best way to go.


Chances are, people who own boats or are in the market for one, are the type of people that love adventure and have a curiosity for visiting new waters in various settings. Without a trailer, docking their boats at particular marinas or docks limits owners to using only those marinas or docks for the most part. Visiting multiple locations would be much easier with boat trailers. Imagine a conversation: 

“Hey, sweetie, let’s go out in the boat today, somewhere new!” 

“Absolutely! Let me go get it. I’ll be back in three hours. I just have to go over to Jim’s to borrow his trailer, go to the marina, load up, and then I’ll be back to get you, even before you can finish that mini-series.”

Traveling the country with boats, summer vacations with boats, boating in different locations according to temperatures and seasons, avoiding bad weather at the chosen dock or marina - these are all made possible by boat trailers.

Owners of boat trailers also enjoy the freedom to get the boats serviced at places other than the marinas, especially for little repairs, routine maintenance, and cleaning that can be done at home. For access to the boat for use or servicing, owners shouldn’t have to be held hostage by the marina. Without boat trailers, people are stuck.


To be fair, the wet slip option offers the convenience of having the boats already on the water, which avoids the launching process and the need for a trailer. This can be a good option for people who do not have a vehicle that can tow a boat; however, this option is only viable for people who plan to dock at the same place every time and don’t mind paying storage fees

Furthermore, the owners are then on the hook for off-season dry storage, damage repairs, and the cleaning and painting necessary for boats to sit on the water for long periods of time. Adding up the increased cost of storage and repairs and maintenance, owners can save a considerable amount of money using boat trailers. 

Trailers even boost the value of the vessel because most potential buyers need a trailer for their boat and might be dissuaded from buying if there wasn’t a trailer provided. Plus, when it comes to holding resale value, trailers are one of the best investments for a boat owner. 

Okay, so that’s our spiel. We think maximizing boats’ live-giving potential and utility, as well as ability to save money, is best accomplished with high-quality boat trailers. If you are in the market for one, or any other trailer, or want to hear other spiels, contact Affordable Trailers. We get a kick out of meeting new people and matching them with the right trailer at the right price!

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