A Comparison of Renting vs Buying a Trailer

 A Tophat 77X12-DSP utility trailer

Since Affordable Trailers doesn’t rent trailers, you may assume we think everyone should buy one. That’s not true at all. We think there are lots of reasons to not buy a trailer. For example, some people don’t want to look cool going down the road or attract the envy of similarly minded people. Just kidding. We’re going to lay out a fair renting vs buying comparison and let you decide.

Renting a Trailer

  • Frequency of Use

The best argument for renting a trailer is that if you don’t plan to use the trailer often, you’re better off saving money by renting. Many people only use a trailer when they move or haul items to the landfill once every six years. If that describes you, renting is the way to go.      

  • Hassles of Ownership

As you know from other possessions, ownership comes with strings attached. Tires need to be replaced, taxes need to be paid, and storage is often an issue - all of these exist whether you use the trailer or not.   

  • Storage 

  • Licensing

  • Taxes

  • Maintenance

Buying a Trailer

  • Return on Investment

Depending on the trailer and the use, it doesn’t take long to recoup the cost of a trailer if you factor in the renting you would have to do without one. When we compare renting vs buying, it’s good to remember that upfront costs are not the only factor when measuring return on investment. This is especially true when you factor in the asset value. Buying a $20,000 trailer feels rough, but after several years of saving money from not having to rent, the trailer is now still worth quite a bit. We have to also include the money making and money saving value of a trailer. Through consistent use, owners can make money, or they can save money by avoiding some hauling and delivery fees. 

  • Asset Value - the worth of the trailer belongs to you

  • Money Making Opportunities

  • Money Saving Opportunities

  • Freedom

Renting a trailer comes with fine print and threats of penalty and a litany of ways you’re not allowed to use the trailers. When you own it, you can use it however you want within reason. To use the trailer as often as you want for whatever purpose you want is liberating. Add that to the versatility of many of the trailers as well as the handy availability and suddenly their value-added worth increases greatly.

  • No Fear of Fine Print Penalties

  • Less Liability

  • Versatility and More Options

  • Availability

  • Overlooked Benefits

Adding to the non-monetary worth of trailers, we have to consider what we get from them emotionally. Wait, hear us out. When you have a trailer, you have more than a singular use, you have the inspiration that comes from options and ways to bless yourself and others. Plus, you would be surprised how many ways there are to use even just a utility trailer for example. There are many emotionally valuable actions that come from buying vs renting a trailer.

  • Take Friends Boating

  • Help People Move or Haul Items for Them

  • Expand Your Hobbies

  • Tackle New or Bigger Projects to Improve the Value and Enjoyment of Your Property

  • Spend Your Saved Money on Life-giving Endeavors

If you’ve found this page, it might be because you are thinking of buying a trailer. Obviously, at Affordable Trailers we think buying one is a good option for many people. But we also won’t try to convince you that you need one when you don’t. Please consider checking out our selection of great trailers and then contact us. Give us a chance to show you why we’re a growing company with a reputation for excellent customer service!

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